Psychotherapy and supervision in English

Briefly in English

Suhteessa Oy is a small family company in Käpylä, Helsinki. We have two psychotherapists and we offer individual-, couple- and family psychotherapy. We also offer supervision and training to social- and healthcare professionals.

Jouni Aavaluoma is psychodynamic and cognitive-analytic individual psychotherapist. When searching  individual psychotherapy contact Jouni Aavaluoma 040 758 9576, email: jouni.aavaluoma(at)

Sanna Aavaluoma is systemic familypsychotherapist, integrative and psychoanalytic couple psychotherapist and psychosexual therapist (Tavistock Relationships). When searching couple- and family therapy contact Sanna Aavaluoma 041 518 1181, email: sanna.aavaluoma(at)